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Adare Caravan & Camping Park, Co. Limerick

Date: June 3rd - 5th, 2022
Lead Persons: Pamela & Johnny O'Reilly (087 661 1304)
Booking:   087 279 1525 (mobile) state that                         your with the IMCC at time of booking
Cost: €66 for the weekend (3 nights) you can only book 3 nights
Directions: Adare,
                    Co. Limerick, 
                    V92 E2C4
GPS:   52.54085N, -8.79439W
Local Attractions: 
Adare Village

                                    Adare Camping & Caravan Park is situated just 3km from                                      the picturesque village of Adare. Described by many as                                          the 'prettiest village in Ireland', Adare has been the                                                setting for many happy couples celebrating their                                                    wedding day. Adare's thatched cottages set the scene for                                     a tranquil stay with award winning restaurants and live                                          Irish music in some of the bars and hotels.

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