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  1. As the marshals are responsible for the organisation and running of the rally, all members must respect their requests or   directions.

  2. Sensible parking of campers must be observed by having a reasonable safe distance between them.

  3. All vehicles are restricted to a maximum speed of 15 kph within the precincts of a rally

  4. Bicycles and motorcycles must not be ridden in such a way as to cause risk or annoyance to other members. Parents or guardians are responsible their children’s behaviour in this respect.

  5. The playing of Hurling or Football or any other games close to or amongst campers is not permitted.

  6. Children must be supervised by their parents or guardians at all times during the rally, but particularly during evening and organised events.

  7. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times, and fouling must be cleaned up immediately. Under no circumstances should dogs be exercised on playing pitches.

  8. Barbecues or any outside fires should only be used after consultation with the marshals, and/or park Management.

  9. As a safety precaution, members are expected to carry a Fire Extinguisher that is in date and smothering Blanket in their campers at all times.

  10. The contents of chemical toilets must be disposed of only at the designated point. Failure to comply will result in mandatory suspension from the Club for a period of one year.

  11. Chemical toilets must not be rinsed out at or near drinking water points.

  12. Waste water must not be allowed to flow onto and foul the ground, but must be collected and disposed of responsibly.

  13. Refuse must be deposited in containers designated by the marshal. Where these are not provided the refuse must be taken home.

  14. Excessive noise caused by singing, shouting, loud music, generators etc. must be avoided at an hour when it would reasonably annoy others members.

  15. On departure a pitch must be left at least as clean as found on arrival.

  16. The practice of reserving places for late arrivals is forbidden.

  17. It is against the rules of the IMCC for children under 18 years of age to consume alcohol at any club event.

  18. No child under the age of 18 is permitted to handle cash on behalf of the Club at any IMCC event.

  19. Collections or raffles for any charitable organisation or cause, are strictly forbidden at IMCC events.


​​The above CODE OF CONDUCT is adopted for the benefit of all members and guests, and should be read with Health and Safety in mind.

This is the wish of the Management Committee.


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