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Application for new  membership of the IMCC shall only be open to the registered owner of a motor caravan and his/her spouse/partner and children.   IMCC membership shall comprise Full Membership, Associate Membership, and Long Service Membership.

For all new membership applications, please click on the Associate Membership Application Form button below..

Associate Membership, Full Membership, and Long Service Membership includes the subscriber, spouse/partner, and any dependent children up to the age of 18 years, as declared on the membership application form.    Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December each year.   Currently the cost to join the IMCC is €40.00.   Upon joining you may attend as many rallies as you wish throughout the year and avail of various discounts offered to IMCC members.     Please note that only Full Members are eligible to avail of the IMCC group Insurance scheme.


To become an Associate members you must be proposed by an existing member of greater than 2 years Full Membership, non- proposed applicants for Associate membership shall attend 2 club events as the complete membership unit seeking membership before being deemed eligible to become an Associate member.   During their Associate Membership year, 3 IMCC events must be attended in full by the Associate Member and spouse/partner and having been compliant with the IMCC Code of Conduct and Constitution; in order to be offered full membership.


Membership renewal for full members is €40 per year. €40 for Associate members.

When you sign for Associate Membership, Full Membership renewal of Long service membership, or renew via Paypal, you agree that you, your spouse/partner and any children be bound by the constitution,and the Code of Conduct of the Irish Motor Caravanners Club.

All membership applications are subject to committee approval.

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